Being born and raised in Oshkosh, Wisconsin I understood the need the softball community had for a high-class softball field and I wanted the generations of softball players to come after me to have it better than I ever did. In being honored with the Wisconsin Gatorade POY three years in a row, I was able to donate the money that came with the award directly to my dream of building this field and kickstart my own non-profit fundraiser that earned over $100,000. Thanks to the wonderful community and people around me we broke ground on the field in 2019 and it is being used to this day by young boys and girls who all love the game. This field is free of locks so that it serves everyone in the community who is looking for a place to play and dream big.  


We are always continuing to look for donations to continue to help the maintenance if you feel inspired to donate. The biggest thing that I ask is to use this as a sign to invest in your own communities so we can all make where we came from a little better than how we found it.