About Me

My name is Sydney Supple, and I am a former student-athlete from Northwestern University. I played softball at the highest level, winning three Big Ten titles, and started at the Women’s College World Series in 2022. At Northwestern, I discovered my love for Journalism, writing a weekly blog on my softball team, and was a sportscaster for ESPN+ and Big Ten Plus. I am now in the Newhouse School of Public Communications master’s program at Syracuse University studying broadcast & digital journalism. I am the sports reporter for Sports Illustrated for the Syracuse football and softball team. As a girl from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, I want to make a statement that you can be from a small town and go anywhere you set your mind to. I am here to tell the stories of athletes and showcase who they are off the field and beneath the jersey!


  • 2023, BigTen Distinguished Scholar 
  • 2021, 2022, 2023 BigTen Academic All-American 
  • 2023 Big Ten Softball Conference Tournament Champion 
  • 2022, 2023 Big Ten Softball Conference Champion 
  • 2022 Participant in the Women’s College World Series 
  • 2019, 2018, and 2017 Wisconsin Softball Gatorade Player of the Year 


    The creator and host of From The Players podcast. A platform to showcase who an athlete is as a human first and tell the stories that haven’t been told yet. I’ve interviewed National Champions, All Americans and most important women who are making a difference in sports. My podcast videos have reached over 110 thousand social media accounts on Instagram alone.


    During my time as a play by play and color analyst I have done work in football, volleyball, men’s and women’s soccer and baseball. I have called games on ESPN+, Big Ten Plus, and ACC Network (should I wait to put the ACC in) This has included interviewing players and coaches, doing live standups, writing my own scripts, and being the sportscaster.

    Team Reporter

    I am the Sports Illustrated Reporter for Syracuse football and softball. I attend and conduct interviews at weekly press conferences with the head coach and players leading up to the games. I write weekly stories on the players, and conduct sit down interviews and live shots to put together packages with each story. On game days I travel with the teams and do fan interviews before the game, live tweeting during the game while creating my post-game story and then attend and interview coaches and players at the post-game press conference. I write, shoot, cut and edit my own game day packages as well.

    One of my greatest joys in coming to Syracuse was being asked to cover for the Syracuse Challenger baseball team, the oldest and largest baseball league for adults and children with disabilities. I was able to travel to Williamsport, Pennsylvania where I covered the program’s first trip to the Little League World Series. At the game I interviewed all of the athletes and their families putting together packages of their inspiration stories.